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Lachie and Hamish Bailey riding with their Dad, Chris at Windeyer Oct 2022.jpg


Click through on the Event you are interested in to see the Ride Preview and contact details.
The Agenda button displays the year as a listing. The Interactive State Zones Map is below the Calendar.

Endurance NSW Calendar

Find all our booked Endurance Events, Monthly SMC Meetings,
AGM and special meetings here.
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Events entered into AERAonline and Start lists can be found here.
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Find ride records for riders and horses across Australia

Our Endurance NSW Zones

There are 6 Zones in NSW, plus Northern Rivers, with multiple Endurance Clubs within each Zone.

To find out what Zone you live in - please see the interactive map below:

Zone 1

Sydney Region

Zone 4

Snowy Zone


Northern Rivers

Zone 2

Central West

Zone 5

South Coast

Zone 3


Zone 6

Mid North Coast
For more information contact our Zone & Ride Portfolio holder
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