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Decided that you what to try Endurance but you're unsure where to start?

You've come to the right spot! Please browse the resources below for more information on the wonderful sport of Endurance Horse Riding.

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!


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Guidance & Friendship to get you started

Endurance NSW is delighted have a Mentor Program! 

Please contact the Mentor Coordinator if you are looking for a local mentor or are interested in becoming a mentor in your area



A great way to experience an Endurance Ride before attending with your horse.

Check out the calendar for an event close by and contact the Ride Secretary to find out more - volunteering is a great way to learn or simply come along and observe!

Step Up Program - for website.png


This program is aimed at encouraging novice riders residing in NSW that have not previously entered an 80km endurance ride to step up and give one a go. It is hoped that this experience will give them the confidence to attempt further 80km rides.

Commencing Jan 1, 2020, it is open to any novice rider that has day or NSWERA Intermediate membership. You will need to nominate via email to the Step-Up Coordinator

When you have successfully completed 160km in introductory or intermediate rides in NSW, you can apply for a voucher (to the value of $125) from NSWERA to reimburse your first 80km ride*.

*The rider must have the appropriate (full) membership status to enter the ride. The voucher is redeemed after paying ride entry by contacting the Step-Up Coordinator

It is be used within 6 months of completion of 160km.


So start your journey now! Notify the coordinator to start tracking your rides.


Information Library

MAXXIS Getting Started in Endurance Riding - A complete guide to your first events

Hear from the professionals -  tips and tricks to getting started in endurance! 

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