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2024 Combined NSWERA and East Coast of Australia Calendar

The attached PDF Ride Calendar could be really useful for those riders that like to look at and attend events in neighbouring States on the East Coast of Australia.

It shows all Dual Affiliated rides in VIC/NSW/QLD, and also any significant endurance events such as the Tom Quilty, and other State Championships. Events that may be of interest such as Youth Squad, or Educational Weekends, are also listed. It has been produced by our Ride Calendar Coordinator to give riders an overall picture of what is happening in each of these 3 States in any given month over the entire year. It will be updated regularly as the accredited ride calendars are updated and more rides/events are added. Jan 24 issue.

For any further information contact Clare Fleming

2024 Combined NSWERA and East Coast Australia Calendar Jan24
Download PDF • 204KB

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