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Newsletter discontinuation


It is with heavy hearts that the NSW Management Committee advise that the production of the NSW Endurance Newsletter will cease. The last issue, being the May/June 2023 Newsletter will be produced as an online version and will be able to be accessed by everyone via website.

We have come to a mutually acceptable arrangement with the current Editor, Ellen Dunger, with regards to ceasing the publication of the Newsletter. We thank Ellen for her editorial contribution over the past 12 months and know she will remain involved in endurance riding, as both a rider and a journalist.

Members who have purchased the Newsletter through their 2023 membership will be emailed by the Registrar to ask them to provide details so that refunds amounting to $26.60 can be made for the last four issues including the May/June online issue for 2023.

This committee was voted in by the members to make both the good and hard decisions. This has been a very difficult decision and has not been made lightly.

However, in the end we had to be mindful that one of the biggest overriding issues has been the costs of producing this Newsletter in the face of declining membership and competition from social media capabilities.

The audited accounts of 2021 show a net loss for the Newsletter of $6467 and for 2022 a net loss of $7290. In 2021/22 the circulation (members who ordered the Newsletter via their membership) was 125 and in 2022/23 this has declined to only 65 paying subscription members.

These figures indicate that members "are voting with their feet". It was felt that the costs of producing the Newsletter could be better spent in actively promoting and encouraging new rides and members to endurance riding in NSW.

As a result of Covid-19, the world became a different place. Information has now become totally accessible. Our sport is no different. The improvements to our own social media platforms, AERASpace capabilities, plus the AERAOnline platform has meant that information can be accessed at the click of a button. Advertisers can set up advertising campaigns, sponsors can be promoted, photos, ride description and all sorts of stories, profiles and governance information are instantly available.

There is also the added issue of the environmental implications for hardcopy print with paper, plastic and postage being in the forefront as we try to lead more sustainable lives.

We know there will be members out there who will be saddened and disappointed regarding this decision. We totally understand and respect those feelings. However, it has fallen to this committee to make this decision. All the other States made this decision many years ago.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to making the NSW Endurance News a chronicle for the sport – past editors the late Helen Lindsay, Helen Rich and Linda Henley, plus everyone who has provided articles, photos, ideas, advertising, ride reviews and previews. The newsletter was definitely made stronger by the intimate contribution of people that love the sport.

This doesn't need to change as we all collectively contribute to the new format of providing information via our own social media platforms.

As your Committee, we are fully committed to spreading the word about Endurance NSW as a sport that offers "something for everyone". Thank you for your understanding.

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